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Free delivery across UK & Ireland on most items
Free delivery across UK & Ireland on most items
Memorial bench, Alexander Rose, Barlow Tyrie, Mid Ulster Garden Centre Ireland

Inscribed Benches


We offer two options to personalise your furniture: a carved inscription or a plaque, which are available for most of our teak seats and armchairs. Inscriptions and plaques are frequently used as a memorial, to commemorate an event or to personalise a gift.

We are on hand to assist you to explore the various options in your search for the perfect bench. 

We offer benches you can personalise from two esteemed and trusted suppliers;

Alexander Rose are one of the most respected names in quality garden benches. Their 'roble' range in particular is ideal as a memorial seat due an impressive 10 year warranty. They offer an engraving service with three options for your commemorative plaques or inscriptions. These are detailed on their respective product pages. 

Barlow Tyrie also have an industry leading 10 year warranty and a 100 year heritage, their products are regarded as the "Rolls Royce" of garden furniture. There are two options of plaque or direct carved inscriptions to choose from to personalise your memorial bench. These are detailed on each product page. They use A-grade teak which is a carefully chosen cut of teak which gives the optimum level of oil content for an exceptionally long life. You may be interested to know they have made benches since the 1920's, many of which can still be seen in London's parks.